Schedule- subject to change without notice!

July 12 arrive in Rochester at 1:25, Kay C. will pick me up, go to Delaney’s soccer game

July 13 Nana picks Karen up, goes to lunch with Delaney & Kay- go to Clyde, Karen takes Mom & Dad to dinner

July 14 Hope to take Farley to lunch for her birthday with Bib,teach Kam Bamboo,take pictures of the kids for Sue, see Kameron’s basketball game

July 15 Take Kenny to lunch for his birthday, campout with the kids (Delaney & Kate coming to Clyde), CANCER Walk

July 16 Kelly’s pool party, return to North Chili with Kay

July 17 Relax by the pool, teach Delaney photography & guitar (her request!)

July 18 open- maybe hanging with everyone at Kay’s pool

July 19- return home (by now I am really missing my dog, Linda & my grass)

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