Say a prayer…someone needs it

“All of us have heaped-up troubles.
We crab and bellyache and frown
and sometimes awaken
with such a heavy load upon our backs
we wonder how we’ll make it out of bed
let alone to that familiar place
we call our workshop –
But then we see Somebody Else _
most often someone we don’t even know
who seems so bent with worry,
so out of hope that nothing anyone can do
could change their worry into wonder,
their trouble into triumph,
and suddenly those problems
we thought luminous and mighty
seem small and hardly worthy of concern.

And then to make it even better
this stranger with a dozen ills
smiles up at us as if to say
good morning.
It’s then that each of us begins to wish,
that stranger, that unknown Somebody Else
was us.
Or at the very least we had their courage.”

Rod McKuen

Somewhere today, someone, known or unknown, needs a prayer, a hug, a kiss, a word on encouragement…take the time to give it. It could make all the difference for them and for you.

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