Sarah makes Varsity Soccer Team and Katie makes the JV team!

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Well Congrats to Sarah Anne for making the Geneva High School Varsity Soccer Team.
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Congrats to Katie for making the JV Soccer Team!

They have a game on Tuesday August 29th at Mynderse (Seneca Falls). Kate will play at 8:45 and Sarah plays at 11:30, so if anyone wants to come watch, feel free as I can’t be there as that is the second day of my new job!!!! Then on Friday, September 1st they have the Midlakes Soccer Tournament. Katie plays Sodus at 12:45 and then Sarah plays Sodus at 2:00. They will both play again on Saturday only if they win on Friday (I think, but not sure). Then their first official school game is home on Wednesday, September 6th both playing against Waterloo at home in Geneva and both games are at 4:30. Hope the fields are close to each other so I can just stand in the middle of the two fields! Haven’t figured out how to split myself in half as of yet!

And Kacie they play at Bishop-Kearney on Saturday October 14th Katie will play at 3 and Sarah will play at 7. Will give you a call and see where that is if at all near you…..

We will keep all posted on games……and here we go Panthers!


  1. hot mama said:

    I think you are both going to have a good year if you live thru the getting in shape part. Have fun and we will all be rooting for you both. Also for your mom’s job. It will be great for her. Love Nana

    August 22, 2006
  2. La said:

    Congrats girls- it is so great you are so involved, love it and are GOOD at it!Proud of you and love you lots. Keep us posted- I love to hear.

    August 18, 2006

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