Saint Anthony comes to the rescue AGAIN!

Okay, I was really ticked yesterday when I realized that after I did my laundry on Sunday, my only beach towel was missing. I went into the laundry room on Monday to check if it was left behind, and of course it wasn’t in there. I even went to the office to see if someone turned in a beach towel and to see if I could leave my name and number in case anyone turned one in. At this point I was really thinking that someone stole my beach towel… I know, you may be asking why someone would steal a beach towel, but it’s a really nice one and it would have stood out in the dryer because it is fuscia green and purple with dragonflies on it. And it’s not one of those $5 towels… it was more like $10 at Target! Okay, back to the story… So I said my little prayer to Saint Anthony because I need it to go to Puerto Rico. Today at lunch I went home and I got thinking about my towel (yes, I am obsessed) and I started to get mad again. I was mentally reminding myself to make flyers to hang in the laundry room, when I decided to go look one last time. AND ALAS, when I walked in the door it was folded with a pair of my PJ bottoms on the end of the table. I think someone must have accidentally scooped my stuff up into theirs and did not realize it right away… either that, or someone felt really guilty! But the moral of the story is that Saint Anthony does a good job! Just thought this was a great story to come right after La’s lost chapstick…

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  1. beth said:

    He hasn’t failed me yet!

    April 16, 2003

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