Remembering Matthew…

You never said “I’m leaving”
You never said,”Goodbye”
You were gone before I knew it,
And only God knows why.
A million times I’ve needed you,
A million times I’ve cried.
If love alone could’ve saved you,
You never would have died.
In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a special place,
No one can ever fill.
It broke my heart to lose you,
But you didn’t go alone,
For part of me went with you,
The day God called you home.

It’s been 2 months since we lost our precious Matthew…our prayers still go out to his family who still grieve the loss. If you have a moment today- call Kay, Bob & Delaney to let them know we are thinking of them and still keep them in our prayers, take some time and go for a visit, send a card- anything so they know we are still here for them (and always will be).

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  1. La said:

    Kay, Bob & Delaney:
    You are in my thoughts and prayers daily as is Matthew. I’m hear if you need anything. Give my little one a big hug & kiss from Lala.

    November 8, 2004

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