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“We lose our way from time to time when we forget what’s important to us. Some spend a lifetime looking and never think they find it. We’ve become a culture seeking fulfillment in physical things and tangibles that often we overlook the everyday gifts that bring us the greatest joys- simple pleasures, clean air, beautiful bird songs, ice cream, good company, kind words, a helping hand, the majesty of nature, the leaves changing colors in fall, the flowers blooming in spring. We take so many things for granted and concentrate so much on the ownership of things that something that seems to have importance one moment, suddenly loses its luster the next. Perhaps what’s truly important to each of us is simpler than we may believe. Perhaps it lies at the foundation of each of our beings, found in the basic structure of who each of us are: our values and beliefs, our hopes and dreams, our ideals and our passions.

We are what we value and what we believe of ourselves. We are capable of as much or as little as we lead ourselves to believe. We have the gift of free-will to decide each day, each hour, each minute who we are and what we will do the coming day and each day after that. We make choices every day, we live everyday, and in grief, a little of us dies every day. But like the surf rolling across the beach of time, the sands of life are replenished with each stroke of the tide. Nature always returns what she takes away.

Never forget from where you came. Never lose sight of where you are. And always look forward to where you want to go to chart your course over the great oceans of life. Some will navigate by the stars, some by the charts, and others by the winds alone. They all reach destinations and exotic ports of call eventually. Some stop for a while, while others journey on. But the memory of their journey will be recounted from the lips of the other travelers they met along the way. Some will recall the friendships they forged with them if not for a little while, others will recall their choices at difficult crossroads. But the most poignant memories will often be the acts of compassion or courage that lept forth from their hearts because it was who they were.”

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