Since many of us have specific dietary needs this year, I decided to look for a few recipes that we might be able to include in our Thanksgiving dinners this year. Many of them are either diabetic or they are South Beach friendly, such as a wheat bread stuffing and many diabetic desserts. I just thought I would put them up here for people to use if desired.

The second file is for my mom (who has cheated – naughty girl), so I figured that if she was going to cheat, she might as well have something that is not as bad. This does not mean that any of these are good for us, it just means they have a little less sugar. Some came from a diabetic cookbook and others came from Splenda’s website. They include some different cookie and pie recipes. ENJOY!

Holiday-Recipes.pdf (125k file)
Diabetic-Treats.pdf (78k file)

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