Recipe for a Happy New Year…

newyrhug (199k image)

” Take twelve fine, full-grown months; see that these are thoroughly free from old memories of bitterness, rancor and hate, cleanse them completely from every clinging spite; pick off all specks of pettiness and littleness; in short, see that these months are freed from all the past


  1. Kay said:

    This is such a great shot that I put it on my desktop as my background. They just look so happy- it makes me smile!!

    Erin- you really got some great shots this year- makes up for us- who have been having some camera troubles recently.

    January 7, 2008
  2. Erin said:

    The only thing that could have made this picture better was if I had gotten Kam in too! I love these little people and they have lots of love to share.

    January 3, 2008

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