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Okay, on this little fitness mission I call HELL, I found an article that may help. This started when I noticed many people at the gym reading books and magazines while they worked out. At first I thought, “How on earth can these people do both.” Well, I found out it is easier than I thought. Since they keep magazines there for people to use, I grabbed one, thinking that maybe it would make my workout seem less tedious (and it did). The one I grabbed was SELF magazine (Sept. 2006) and it had a great program in it for eating and working out. Basically, there is a one week eating plan that you can try and mix up any way that you want, and it sounds GREAT! And then you choose one of four programs to concentrate on (you can do others as you progress): Start an Exercise Habit, Drop 8 Pounds in a Month, Sculpt Sexy Muscles, and Go from Walking to Running. Each of these choices give you four weeks of cardio and strength routines that help you do more than what you normally would on your own (i.e. it tells you to walk at a normal pace for 5 minutes, jog for 1 minute, etc. EASY!). Anyway, each of these four routines cover a lot of people and levels and I LOVE it! Since I already started the habit, I am going to begin on Drop 8 pounds. I’m just simply going to follow the routines that they give me… and they’re not hard. Now, I will probably continue to do my strength routine that I got from my trainer, but I may switch out the cardio and see what can happen. I loved this so much that I thought I would copy the information off their website and include it here for people to see… especially since so many have stated that they want to get in shape for my wedding. So take a look and give it a try! I start tomorrow. Here it is: reach-your-goals.pdf (569k file)

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