Proposed Fall Activities for next 2 Weekends

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Fri., Oct. 13 (6:30-7:00 TBD) – Dinner Birthday Celebration for Nana at the Club

Saturday, Oct. 14 – Kelly’s girls’ soccer games at Bishop Kearney
– Kenny and Kameron’s football games (location? and time?)

Sun., Oct. 15, or Sat., Oct. 21, or Sun., Oct. 22 – 1st Annual Wild Witches Ball
We need to know what dates work best for you b/c we would like everyone to come. We are also still trying to determine the location.

We would like to invite everyone to attend the first annual Wild Witches Ball, with dinner, treats and activities. We are planning to bake holiday cookies, make caramel apples, have cider/mulled cider, tell ghost stories, watch movies with the kids (Worst Witch and Hocus Pocus are a must), and we will also provide pumpkins for carving. Witch hats and boas will be provided for the ladies.

This is tradition of the Culver household that we would like to extend and share year after year with the whole family. This started when Beth and I were little and we would watch the Worst Witch over and over again. Even after college, I would visit Beth in Rochester with my mom and we would bake cookies with our witch hats on while watching our silly flick.

Sunday, October 22 (11:30 a.m.) – Culvers having Brunch at the Bellhurst to celebrate Clark’s birthday
All are welcome to join. Brunch costs $15 a person for anyone who would like to come.

List of other suggested activities for other weekend days (depending upon the best date chosen above): Corn Maize in Macedon, Wine Tour (Seneca or Cayuga trails), and Watkins Glenn. With any of these events, it was also proposed to do a possible tailgating party to eat and have fun. Let my mom know or write on here and let us know what everyone would like to do. We would love to spend the time with you.


  1. Erin said:

    I agree… I don’t think any of us want to do the corn maize in the rain. I don’t have insurance and cannot afford to get sick! That would stink! Yeah, for now it looks like one of the Sundays will have to be the Wild Witches Ball. And whichever one we choose, the other Sunday may be the maize (weather permitting).

    October 10, 2006
  2. Kay said:

    This Saturday will probably not work for us, we are trying to get our Family Photo done and then I was planning on taking Delaney to Sarah and Katie’s game- however- Sunday would probably work for doing something- choose whichever one is weather related. I would love to do the cookies, apples movie thing with Delaney- she loves Hocus Pocus!! We have always wanted to do a corn maize, but that would depend on weather- i don’t want to go if it is rainy or cold, because I don’t want Laney to get sick. Keep us posted on what looks good! We are interested!

    October 10, 2006
  3. Farley said:

    My girl is coming home… anything that allows me to be with my girls sounds great to me. Can’t wait to initiate the little ones to the tradition… Hope everyone can come! Brunch…. loving it …YUMMMmmmm…. ok i am hungry….

    October 9, 2006
  4. Erin said:

    Thanks Beth… I changed that date so we don’t confuse anyone. We would really like to do the corn maize with everyone (especially the little kids). It is only open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am – 4pm and the prices are $8/adult – ages 12 and up, $6/child – ages 5-11, FREE – ages 4 and under. We could do that after brunch with my dad. Sue, what do the boys schedules look like for games both weekends? We could do the wine tour and then Watkins Glenn on the 21st since Beth has already been on them, and at least then she wouldn’t miss the fun stuff (b/c the wild witches ball and the corn maize will be great and I don’t want her to miss them). What does everyone else think so far?

    October 7, 2006
  5. Beth said:

    PS. Sunday is the 22, not the 23rd.

    October 6, 2006
  6. Beth said:

    My weekends are crazy these days with working on Sundays because of my painting class. Sundays are tough, but I can see what I can do. I can definately make Dad’s brunch, maybe I can just take that whole day off. I giving a wine tour on Saturday the 21 and have plans that night as well for months now. So, I’m going to be a tough girl to catch, sorry. We’ll discuss more.

    October 6, 2006
  7. La said:

    Wow- this looks like fun- hope everyone can join in.

    October 6, 2006

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