Kay…we found the trim! Trimming out the chiminea. Removing large rock and replacing with smaller rock- will match fountain on the other side.

Garden with over 50 tomato plants…all green. Hope they turn red soon!

Pinterest project. Great way to add light. Drill holes in the top of landscape timbers and add solar lights. Inexpensive and easy to do. Now we just have to lay black landscape fabric, mulch and put on a boarder.

Garden- added fabric to keep out the weeds. Much neater. Also layed down recycled plastic mulch up against the house to keep dirt from splashing on the siding.

We still have the back garden where the wood trim has rooted away (about 100 feet) to replace, finish laying fabric for the weeds and put up the arbor we bought.

Summer is slipping away…

Gravel down, bear paw rock moved, tomatoes tied up…


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