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I know none of you (other than Kevin & Kristy) know Bill let alone his family but I worked with him at Carrier and now he has come to Comfort Systems. He is one of those guys that is truly salt of the earth. He mentors people like our brother when he joined Carrier and myself when I moved into National Accounts. He shared his knowledge without judgment or arrogance. He was with Carrier for over 30 years and like I said after he retired he joined me as a sales person at Comfort. He is a Giants fan and a Yankees fan (only downside he is a UConn fan (that’s where he went to school) not fond of SU J ).

Last week his daughter fell critically ill with a virus that is “eating” at her heart. She is only a year or so older than Darian. I asked to have this posted because she needs all the prayers we can muster. I know we are praying for Stephen but our family is amazing and I know we have the capacity for more and she needs it. I think if we all pray miracles can happen.

Bill wrote me this to give me an update so I share with you.


Thank you so much for your prayers for Elissa. This week has been an extreme challenge for her, and the spiritual support we have received from family and friends, and friends of friends all over the world, has been inspiring and has helped to get her to where we are today. She experienced several miracles this week, and we know they were from the hand of God, delivered through the prayers said for her, and the angels sent to watch over her. 

She is about to undergo open chest, open heart surgery to remove a large clot in her heart and have 2 ventricular assist devices installed that will allow her own heart to pump blood through her circulatory system. For people who had myocarditis, this is a bridge to recovery, as it allows the heart to mend without taxing itself. If it does not mend to the original strength, then a heart transplant will be required. 

She will need your continued prayer to help her get through this operation and allow her to lead a long happy healthy life.

Kris, thanks for being in Elissa’s corner this week. I am eternally grateful for your spiritual support of my daughter. 

Attached are some pictures so you can visualize Elissa. 


Elissa is in stable condition (a relative term) in cardiac icu recovery. She barely has a heartbeat, and the ventricular pumps keep the blood flowing in her circulatory system. Long boring days are what we want now. 

It’s too early to determine if her heart will mend or if she will require a heart transplant. She is alive, a tough fighter and if I were the oddsmaker, the house money is on her walking out of the hospital intact. We are praying for a full recovery, and I already know you are joining us in those prayers.

Up to this point we haven’t really been focusing on ourselves. We eat, sleep, pray, support one another when needed and spend time with Elissa. Now that she is recovering, my tunnel vision has opened up a bit. 



  1. Mim and Clark said:

    A speedy recovery Elissa. We will keep the prayers coming.

    August 18, 2013
  2. Kristen said:

    Elissa made it through surgery so our prayers are working. Bill said she is out of the deep dark woods now its just getting out of the woods. Thanks for your help.

    August 7, 2013

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