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So, where is everyone politically these days? I’ve been following the race, and watched the debate last night. What did you guys think of it?

I was actually a little impressed on the way that she handled herself, she debated fairly well given how little she knows. At least she didn’t sputter and have blank stairs like she has in her interviews. I still think she dodged and didn’t answer questions. She only got involved in the discussions were she really had been properly prepped… because of that she was a little like a puppet I thought. I did like how Biden clearly pointed out that he was going to give his opinion, wether the president followed it or not. I think it’s good he’d be willing to stand up and bring his experience (which he proved he has much more than her) in to help. Palin would just get walked over and brushed aside… she’s there strictly for the media and will be used as such if they did win. She’s a joke. If the president did die, she’d make a terrible president.

Seriously though, I wanted to hurt her with the Maverick talk (she used the word Maverick 22 times). What about her facial expressions, but they were laughable!! She had two looks, extreme joy and serious. She was so fake, like a robot. She acted like a happy excited child when she could make a point, like she was going to get a treat for being a good girl. Laughable!


  1. La said:

    I just want it to be over- hate the ads, hate the meaness and lies and feel bad for whoever has to clean up the mess left by G.W.- anyone but him has to be better.

    October 13, 2008
  2. Erin said:

    I thought the recent debate was interesting and I thought McCain looked like a fool when everything was a shot at Obama. I’m not saying that I think Obama is the right candidate either, but something about McCain just got under my skin… his voice and means of talking ("my friends" or "that one")… although I will say he was better at answering the questions at times than Obama. I think Obama kept running out of time to bring his points back around, where McCain addressed many questions directly (although then following with a slap). He also took notes to make sure he answered the questions… but maybe that’s his age coming through and wanting to make sure he didn’t forget.

    And I think the Palin thing is a joke… it has to be. I like that she has never even had a passport. Her reasoning for being able to deal with foreign affairs… she can see Alaska or Russia or whatever it was from her house? Is she smoking something? Bringing a woman in for VP was a good idea with all the female support that was out there for Hillary, but she is clearly not a good choice. If only Obama would have taken Hillary… I liked the Clintons.

    October 9, 2008
  3. Kim said:

    I would vote for Tina Fay from Saturday Night Live!! She has a brain! (Same grating voice though!) She nails it! This whole election has been a very unique one, and a historical one that I am sure will change politics (or i hope so.) The Bush years have beat the crap out of our country and I do think you have to ask yourself the question… if you like the last eight years.. vote McCain/Palin. (Me? I do NOT want a rerun of W.) I think the economy is the primary issue and a VP nominee that refuses to address that issue and chooses to sling mud instead, have incorrect information (12 times in her debate with Biden) and coin what she feels are catchy little phrases… "Joe Six Pack" with… "you betchas" and "I’ll get back to yas"…"Say it ain’t so Joe" and with a man who is clearly NOT a maverick, who has shown the country his lack of leadership (in handling the bail out) who voted with Bush 90-95% of the time… and who thought two and a half weeks ago, "the economy is fundamentally sound"… It should be a clear choice. READ READ READ up on this man! We are in a state of major crisis. I want a person in the leadership role that is intelligent and not ready to keep straining our troops, or a war monger, who will look at the 10 TRILLIONS of dollars of deficit (HOLY SHIT!!!) who will make sure that our children and their children will have a safe and clean, non polluted, non oil drained earth, and not face the backbreaking debt that has come from the spending of the Bush years. I want someone with verbal acuity, leadership on the economy, and insight not someone who has voted and voted and voted (26 years) for deregulation that now has crippled us, and Palin could not name ONE example of reform he supported or voted for.


    October 7, 2008
  4. Kim said:

    I love the cartoon.. it’s true.. that bar is not set too high and she is the most pathetic choice! She is like watching Roxanne (Our mayor) run to be the President! I am glad you are paying attention to the debates and staying informed on the issues. It is a serious state of affairs and I am glad that you will go and vote. It’s important. That is my message… VOTE! Back to Sarah… pathetic. (Joe six pack?)

    October 7, 2008

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