I just wanted to let the family know that while Beth was here visiting this last weekend, we had a little pizza party with the two of us and my friend Patrick. I made Zucchini-roni Pizza and Beth made my Uncle Bo’s Nuevo Mundo Pizza… AND IT WAS AWESOME! If you haven’t tried this pizza, it is listed in the family cookbook and is excellent!

In doing this, we started thinking about different kinds of Pizzas and I had the idea to open a Pizza Shop (not really, but it would be cool), called something like “Around the World Pizza.” We started placing different pizzas with different states/cities. NYC Style pizza, Chicago Deep dish pizza, Buffalo Wing pizza, Wisconsin Three-cheese pizza, Hawiian pizza (ya know, the kind with the ham and pineapple), a gumbo-type pizza for new orleans, a BBQ pizza for the South, Bo’s pizza for someplace spicy/hot (Texas?), etc… Anyone else have any ideas? Even if we don’t have a real pizza shop, it’s still fun to think about. I might use the idea just to design a fun menu to put into my prortfolio. The ideas are endless… Help us out! We may generate some great family recipes out of this.

I have a great grilled pesto/artichoke pizza too, not to mention white garlic pizza, but I didn’t know where any of these would fit in the “World of Pizza.” I had wondered if a rueben pizza would be good? Yum, ruuuueeeebbbbeens….


  1. Erin said:

    Ooooooo, a Canadian bacon pizza. Thats a good one. I’m trying to keep them in the scope of the worldly/place themes, so we have to name them too. Oh, and Italian Chickan Parmesan pizza might be good too. And I forgot the Philly Cheesteak pizza… endless possibilities.

    April 2, 2003
  2. Kay said:

    Erin- there are breakfast pizzas- with eggs and sausage, bacon or sausage. There are grilled pizzas-that you make and cook on the grill. (I took a cooking class on this and have some recipes I could share). I think in the cookbook there is also a recipe for a fruit pizza that is more of a dessert (made using cookie dough). I’ll post more ideas when I get them thought out!

    April 2, 2003
  3. Erin said:

    Here’s some great ideas from the California Pizza Kitchen: Pizza.

    April 1, 2003

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