mat&kate (116k image)

Hey ya’ll if anyone has anypics of me that are kind of tiny but pretty good size if u could send them to my email adress that would be great its cause i really need some pics.. thanks ya’ll and by the way soccer is not goin so great.. has been a very tough season and im not enjoying alot. i mean i am but its not like it used to be. ;[


  1. La said:

    Hope the ones I sent work- let me know!

    September 26, 2006
  2. Erin said:

    Matty, check with your mom because I sent her a cd after the NY trip with most of my pictures of the DiSanto family. I’m not sure that I have many more, although I have started the process of scanning old prints so if there are any specific ones you are looking for, let me know.

    September 25, 2006
  3. La said:

    Ok tiny but good size…does this me of you little but a big (8×10) picture? What do you need, might help us find what you need. Sorry to hear about soccer. sometimes it’s tough. Keep plugging away!

    September 24, 2006

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