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Had a program at school where they sent home a note asking the children to collect pennies or change for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society- It was called “Pennies for Patients”. So we discussed it with Delaney and gave her a jar. She went upstairs and emptied two piggy banks and put all her “savings” into a jar. When I asked her why she gave them her money, she said because I don’t need it and they do. Then Mom and Dad matched her contribution by filled a jar too. Then me and her sat down and decorated them (using Poppy’s Paper – of course) and she wrote a little note on top. I just think it is so important to teach our children to think of others- especially when it is other children who are sick (and got sick for no reason). She didn’t do a lot, but just forcing her to stop and think about it and to take the time to do something for others makes all of us feel good. She really takes pride in knowing she is making a difference.


  1. hot mama said:

    You are a very wonderful child! But we all knew that. I am so proud of you and I hope you will always think of other people the way that you do now. I love you big much. Nana

    February 26, 2009
  2. Erin said:

    Delaney, I am so proud of you! This is wonderful and I hope your willingness to give to these causes stays in your heart for the rest of your life. It is a very important lesson and I think she’s got this one down!

    February 17, 2009
  3. La said:

    Thanks for having such a big heart- love you!

    February 13, 2009

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