Part Two…

backhead (118k image)

Well – while I was gone I got to play with my favorite element- water. The water hitting the back of my head feels so good- only thing better- water hitting me right in the face! I also got to demonstrate my lack of fear… check these out!
{{popup jump.gif jump 400×300}} I just couldn’t wait so I jumped right in (dad was there so I was totally safe).
{{popup swimmom.gif swimmom 400×300}} Mom lets me do it alone (and with out swimmies- she is right there too).
{{popup slide.gif slide 400×301}} Dad is with me but oh was it fun- isn’t this slide cool?
{{popup goingdown.gif goingdown 400×300}} Here I am again.
{{popup inface.gif inface 400×300}} And we all know how I love water in my face- is this fun or what!
Keep watching because there is still more!

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  1. La said:

    Oh laney- you are something else- never lose that zest for life and always let water splash in your face. I love you my little one.

    November 22, 2004

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