Pampered Chef

Is anyone interested in any Pampered Chef products? I got stuck (by gentle pursuasion from a friend) to host a catalog show and I am trying to help her out (although I do get some free benefits for doing so). I think I have to have this back to her by the end of the month (which is fast approaching). But their products are great (although some expensive) and it would be shipped to you for only $3.25. If you think you are interested, check out their products and let me know. I would probably have to take credit card info since I waited until the last minute and there is no time for money exchange, unless it is a small order I can cover. I plan on ordering some suff and Lala has tons of their items as well. Everyone keeps telling me their ice cream scoop is a must have, so I am already going to buy that one. It warms up in your hand and glides right through ice cream. I have talked with several people who have it and they say it is awesome! Anyway, if you are not interested, it is not big deal. But if you are, just let me know. Here a link to their site and their products:


  1. La said:

    I’ll look this weekend- crazy week….

    January 28, 2005
  2. Erin said:

    There are two… the classic round stone (13-inch) is $18.50 and the large round stone (15-inch) is $25.50. There is also a rectangle stone (12 x 15) for $25.25. Then there is $3.25 shipping and 7% tax on all of it. I’ll call you this weekend adn you can let me know which one you need.

    January 28, 2005
  3. Kris said:

    I will buy a pizza stone – there stuff is quite good I have a ton of it too but my pizza stone just broke this week and I love that thing. I am not sure how much they are anymore so call me and let me know. Unfortunately funds are low the next couple of months but I was going to Target to buy one to replace my other so I would rather help you out.Miss you – have been wanting to call you and I will. Love ya

    January 27, 2005

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