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To anyone who will be around, I am going to be going home the weekend of August 16-18. The rents just can’t live without me!

Anyways, it will be nice to see everyone and to get away from the humidity for a weekend. Talk to you all real soon.


erinhaircut2 (38k image)I got a new haircut and thought I would share it with ya’ll (oh ya, gotta represent the drawl). I’m thinking about adding some very subtle highlights as well! It’s not the greatest picture to show it, but you will all see it in person very soon! I’m excited to see my family in September! I can’t wait to see my Aunt Kay too! Are you showing??? I’m so excited for you guys!


We must believe in luck. For how else can we explain the success of those we don’t like?
– Jean Cocteau

I thought this was funny!! Enjoy!


Well, I thought that I would check out all the excitment. I actually liked that I can see what everyone has been up to, even when I can’t find time to pick up the phone. Bob and I have been busy lately. We played in a charity golf tournament with Kenny last weekend (I think I kicked both their butts, so Kevin your next!!) I’m having lunch with Mother today. That’s one of the wonderful perks of living back in NY!! We have been busy doing baby preparations. We have signed up for daycares (yes, 7 months in advance!!) We have also registered for shower gifts, signed up for birthing classes, and gathering information for the Baptism. We are considering having it the weekend after Christmas (Sunday, December 29th). For anyone travelling home, please let us know if this is something you would like to attend, that will help us to make the decision. If not, then we will probably go with the 3rd weekend in January. For all of you who know about my quest for a rocking chair for Delaney’s room… We have made progress. The company that I have been working with has gone out of their way to accommodate me and we are getting close to a fabric and a color. I loved to get people to do it my way!! Since I am getting close to the end, I guess I better wrap things up. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy Birthday Linda!! We miss everyone and Buffy sends lots of smootches. Maybe next time I’ll take a picture of my stomach so you can see how big it’s getting!! Love, BKBD


Hope this finds everyone cool…thanks for taking the time to sign up and keep in touch.
I made this post to see if it would change the calendar from July to August (it did). Still learning the program and checking things out. If anyone has any questions don’t hesitate to ask (I’ll probably have to ask Erin) but we are doing pretty good. Next goal is to rebuild the look of the page- this will take some playing around, suggestions welcome.


Linda and I have been very busy with the money pit. We had the sewers put in this spring which tore up the yard and created some water issues (flooded my barn!) so we brought in a bobcat and rearranged the land, put in a patio{{popup patio.JPG patio 640×480}}-(we did the front flower circle too) we still are going to extend the poured concrete with paver blocks laid on the diagonal- you can see one in the picture (needed the pad for the future hot tub), put in two brick walls one off the patio{{popup wall1.JPG wall1 640×480}} and one leading up to the deck {{popup wall2.JPG wall2 640×480}}which we have torn off and are rebuilding (will finish it next year- ran out of steam and cash)plus {{popup steps.JPG steps 640×480}}steps. On the 101 days I redid my bedroom- finally scrapped the ceiling and painted it, painted the walls, stained the side tables, got new drapes and lights and pictures on the wall. Take a look at the before {{popup brbefore.JPG brbefore 640×480}}and after {{popup brafter.JPG brafter 640×480}}. Now school is getting ready to start both at Park Hill and UMKC so I have other work to do- the joys of home ownership!


Hey all, thought I’d share an interesting website with you all. With all this talk of Atkins diets lately in the news (I saw it on dateline and brad posted an article on the culver blog about it too), I was looking for a site with recipes. I found one that has a few, but it also has a carb counter, links, and book recomendations.

But can anyone tell me what Splenda is? Many of these recipes call for it.

Family Fitness/Health


I wanted to wish you the very best birthday ever! Hope you guys are staying cool… too hard to do here with 101-degree days.

Well, I took the plunge and cut my hair! I will post a picture for all to see very soon.

I’m kinda mad about my school loans. I tried to find a way to lock in the lower interest rates and combine the two loans I have, and neither can be done! I know what you’re thinking, because I’ve been thinking it too… why can’t this be done? Well, apparently if you consolodate once, you cannot go to a lower interest rate, so while the rest of the world is enjoying that nice 3.6%, I stick with 8.25%. I’m not a very happy girl. I pay $500 a month to two loans that never seem to go down. I hate it!

Anyway, I’ll take my negativity elsewhere. To end on a happier not, try this recipe… click to read more…


Well Hey DiSanto Clan…
I just wanted to send in my introductory blog to say congrats La on a job well done… also…
to wish Linda a very Happy Birthday and hoping you take the day and relax!

It’s hot here in NY but i m not complaining because we will be shoveling the white stuff soon enough.
Hugs and kisses to all you k’s that are away. We miss you and Kevie…can’t wait to see you in August!

Toodles for now.


Hello everyone.

It has been very busy for me. But I am starting to reep some of the rewards, I am on my way to winning engineer of the month of July, as I am almost to $200,000 in sales bookings for the month!

Work unfortunately has taken most of my time, but I have been working on some other things as well like my golf swing. Just kidding.

I have been working hard to get back down to my college weight and have lost 35 lbs. sinced I moved to Florida!

Well, I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope to talk to everyone before then but if not I will see everyone at Christmas.


Great Job La, you were so focused and you’ve done it!

Um, I should probably post more about my life, but I haven’t much to say…. work is the same, rather dull. I’ve been home a lot (it takes moving 6 hours away for me to visit home, go figure) because of various reasons. Last weekend I just went home because I missed my bed (haven’t been sleeping well out here for some reason). This weekend I’ll be going home to go to Six Flags with my dad for a union day, then the following weekend, Nana and Poppy are coming to visit me!! I’m excited!

Aside from that, I’m boring… sigh. Happy Bloggin!


partyshot01 (20k image)

Linda’s birthday is tomorrow- please send her an e-mail Thanks!



Kansas City has been hot. So hot the {{popup dirt.JPG dirt 640×480}}dirt has cracked open. Everything is dying (grass is brown, plants are wilting)- not a place to visit right now!

I just posted a link and a picture- both work- just have to figure out how to make the links stand out more. Yahoo!


Everyone keeps asking me what my {{popup cross.gif cross 155×263}}cross looks like, so I thought I’d include a picture here! It’s not the best because I had to enlarge it a lot, but you can all get the gist. I’ll try to post a better one if I can, but so far this one has been the best.


Here is a place to share ideas, thoughts and daily happening or bitch about the things that have gone wrong or piss us off or show us photos or quotes or ideas or recipes or just what ever. There is no theme yet and this site is not totally set up. Please remember that I am ignorant on html/blogging/FTP stuff and am in the process of trying to learn. Thank God I have help from my niece and goddaughter Erin (who is also limited on time) to try and help and teach me. Be patient- we will get there. For now enjoy while I pull my hair out!

With 4 places to log in- two different scripts I had no idea what was what and who was where- Erin to the rescue….now I get it and where I should be. Now I just have to learn the code but I get the FTP, the GreyMatter program and the jist behind the code so I think we can move forward. If I did what I think I did (I know what I mean) I should be able to start putting peoples names in to be able to post and turn this in to a family affair. I will e-mail people for username and password after I talk with Erin tonight. Soon…is the anticipation killing you?

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