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I went to see Kay and Delaney today. She is the cutest smallest little thing. I brought my digital camera with me so that all you far away could see how cute she is. I apologize for the yellow-ness, the light in the room is not very good.

close (17k image)

close2 (18k image)

full (17k image)

momhold (23k image)

momsmootch (22k image)


Just a note to wish LaLa a Happy 44th birthday. Kisses and hugs will be given out on December 25th and we can’t wait to see you then. Hope your day is and was a wonderful one!!


klds1 (194k image) Karen & Mom

Well – looks like Little Miss Delaney came into the world- December 14 at about 6 lbs,4 ozs. As much as this aunt would have liked her to be born today- she has shown us she has a mind of her own and is going to take the world by storm. After all- isn’t that what we all do- I came in almost two months early- surprised my mother (but doesn’t she look happy?)


Kay is in the hospital! Everyone is wishing them all the best and a speedy delivery! She’s finally here!


Carl Culver (Clarks dad) passed away today. Please remember the family in your prayers. To send condolences:
Culver Family
13071 Messner Rd


To all of my brother & sisters:

Please do not forget to get me he stocking stuffers for Mom & Dad. I will be home on Dec. 23 so if you can wrap them and get them to mom & dad’s I will take care of the rest. If you need help thinking of what to give them, let me know. Thanks.


I’m in a very big giving mood this year and I started thinking about Mary Steve. She’s been a member of our family for so long and I want her to know that she is loved by all of us.

My thoughts were this: let’s put together a basket of goodies, such as the gifts that some of you already got for her, along with a pint of eggnog, some homemade cookies, and anything else we can think of that she might need for the holidays. We’ll all sign a card and deliver the basket on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, with all of our best singing voices so that we can sing a few carols.

Anyone else have any thoughts or ideas on this? I just really felt that she would feel special if we did something like this. So I guess I’m asking anyone if they would like to contribute? I’ll be home for a while and can bake some cookies, and maybe someone else could too. I can pick up some eggnog as well. Anyone else have anything they can think of????

Mom, do you have a big basket we could recycle? Could you make it look pretty with one of your perfect bows?


I wanted to write a post to thank Kenny and Sue for the wonderful Thanksgiving we shared at their house. We missed all that were not able to be there… Erin, Karen and Linda, Nick, Kris, D and Matty, Kay, Bob and Miss DeLaney, and Kevin. We did enjoy meeting Kelly’s soon to be husband, Karl, and note that he fits into the crew quite well! Welcome to Karl!

We have snow this year, but time will tell if it stays. Personally I hope it melts and we have 90 degree weather! ~grins like a grinch or Kimberneezer!!~ (By the way Kev, I am working to deck the halls!!!)

Everyone out there done with xmas presents? Just curious….

C man got three deer this year. A buck and two doe. The horns on the male deer do not come close to “Uncle Buck.”

I am counting down the days till we see all of you and also for Miss DeLaney’s arrival.
(Her nursery is adorable.)

Everyone have Happy pre-holidays and travel with safety.

All our love..
Kim and Clark


Well they are here and things are gearing up (actually in slow motion right now but it’ll be kickin’ up here at the DiSanto house after the 16th)! Icannot tell you how anxious I am (we are) to see everybody home for the holidays. Although it will be quite busy, that’s what makes it fun. I must admit though that I’m quite displeased with ya’ll that haven’t put anything on this page in quite sometime! You’d think you were busy or something c’mon you people, PRO-JECT! Kam just brought home a 10 week perfect attendance award, and got a 100+ on his spelling test today,he was very proud. For all of you “out- of-towners we have snow so bundle up. oh yeah i heard the carolina’s got a “little” ice.HA!HA! TALK LATER…SUSIE


Well…when do we think little Ms. D will enter into this world? What will she look like? (I placed a baby picture of Kay to compare) I know we are all excited to once again have a baby in our family and Kay C.- we all wish you and Bob the best.


md (62k image) 38 years and counting

Well today is mom and dad’s special day so give them a call and wish them well……


kelly (70k image) Kick up your heels and dance!

By now I’m sure most have read there e-mail but just in case I’m posting it here (this is the kind of news we need to share).

“I am getting married. That’s right…..I know it’s probably a shock to most
but Karl and I will be getting married on January 1, 2003 at 3pm in my
living room. Uncle Eddie is agreed to come over and do the honors for us.
It will be me and my three kids, Mom and Dad, Karl and his three kids and his
parents and if anyone of you want to join us you are more than welcome to.
We will also have a reception sometime in February as soon as I have time to
book one. Hopefully at Club 86 with just hors’ derves (spelling) and cocktails.

And on the 1st it’s just the ceremony and maybe something afterwards. Not

So that is my exciting news. The kids and I and Karl are very happy. So if
you can join us we would love it and if you can’t I know you’lll be there in


Well another Tuesday weigh in- this time 2.6 for a total of 20.8 in 5 weeks, this I can live with.

Speaking of living or in this case dying- my neighbors found their daughter dead tonight. We don’t know why. We know she was on medication, we know she drank (she was an alcoholic) but we don’t know why. I didn’t know this lady well and my sorrow is more for the fact that one day you are here and the next gone. And when it is over- there is no time to make amends or make that call to say hi, or share good news or say “I love you”. In our busy worlds we let the important things go by…and that is sad. So wrapped up in our own worlds, with our issues, and our beliefs, we don’t take the few minutes necessary to do the right things, with or for the right people. We don’t forgive and heal we stay stuck and we view the world through lenses clouded with mistrust and anger and we lose sight that the world is beautiful. So tomorrow if you should die- what unfinished business do you have?


Well, it’s official. Delaney’s Baptism has been set up for Saturday, December 28th @ 3:00pm. This should accommidate everyone including Erin. Sorry Susie, I know that this screwed up Kameron’s Birthday, but unfortunately I was trying to make it so everyone from out of town would be here. I’m actually excited because I will get to see my Sweet Boy that day. If not, who knows if we would have made it back to Clyde. We’ll provide directions and details at a later day (probably Christmas). Make sure you mark your calendars!! Thanks, Kay


Well I did- I weighed in and lost .8 this week. This after eating only green things and exercising 45-60 minutes a day. What’s up with that? Then a read the following article- after I felt better and learned I could have ice cream one day per week!