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A few years ago I came accross an article in one my herbal magazines. I decided to finally pull it out because it was a cool idea… dying Easter Eggs the natural way. Better Homes and Gardens even mentioned a natural dye in one of their articles. I thought maybe you egg dyers might be interested. If you do this, please post pictures because I would love to see! I would do it myself, but when you live alone, there’s no point to boiling a few dozen eggs.

Here it is:

Dip the hard-boiled eggs into white vinegar before beginning, and set aside. The bring each dye ingredient (listed below) to a boil with 4 cups of water and 2 Tbsp. of white vinegar; strain the dyes into bowls an allow them to cool. To dye eggs, dip them in the bowls for about five minutes, or longer for deeper colors.

GOLD: Use 4 Tbsp. of turmeric.
BROWN: Experiment with about 2 cups of strongly brewed coffee or tea for different shades of tan and brown.
PURPLE: Use 4 cups of frozen blueberries.
LIGHT PINK: Use a 12-oz. package of cranberries.
DARK PINK: Use 6 cups of chopped beets.
BLUE: Use 16 cups of chopped red cabbage (use 2 more quarts of water and 6 Tbsp. more vinegar for this dye).

ORANGE: (from BHG) Use 4 cups of onion skins.

Now, I also know that koolaid and mustard make good dyes… In fact the mustard may give a different variation of yellow! There was no green though, but I got thinking that frozen spinach may do the trick b/c when I make spinach that water is awefully green.

The picture to the right at the top is from Better Homes and Gardens and they offered a few techniques (NO THEY ARE NOT THE NATURAL DYED EGGS…ONLY THE LAST ONE IS)… The first one is an egg dipped in one dye and then another (yes, we knew about this one). The second one, they used rubber bands on the egg for stipes. Let the egg dry completely before removing. The third one they drizzled rubber cement on it and allowed it to dry before dying. When the egg was completely dried, the peeled of the adhesive. They warned that this one is only for decoration though (would the rubber cement penetrate and hurt it???) And the last egg is their natiural orange dye that I listed above. I love it! I thik the natural dies give them such rustic appearances! I also thought melted candle wax would be cool!

And this picture is from Martha Stewart… I thought she had some cool looking ones there… Enjoy egg dying… wish I could help!


Just thought I’d do an update on the ice storm. Clyde and Newark got hit hard. We just got power yesterday at 8pm. I lost 8 fish out of my fish tank, including the tiger barbs (which were the oldest fish in the tank at 3 years), because the temperature of my tank was less than 50 degrees. That was a third of the fish in there. I’m lucky they all didn’t die. I also lost my filter, I have to buy one tonight. I spent the weekend running around getting supplies, going to my apartment to grab food from the fridge, trying to heat the apartment and putting warm water in the tank. I’m sore from dragging branches.

We had a small generator on Saturday afternoon, but just enough to run the fridge, or the heat. We alternated them, fridge on, furnace off, and visa versa. My dad didn’t have a plug for the generator, and we couldn’t get one (all survival supplies in the surrounding areas were out), so he just had the wires sticking in it. Well, the neutral fell out and he browned out the house. He fried our living room TV and the brand new DVD player. Luckily Bose replaced the DVD player, but they still have to buy a TV.

Clyde was very busy on Saturday. No gas stations or restaurants were open in Newark or Lyons, so everyone came to Clyde to get food gas and Kerosene for their generators and heaters. Our gas stations have generators. The lines in our gas stations must have has 20 cars waiting at each one. It was a site.

It was an interesting weekend, I needed to relax, but I didn’t get to. I did learn how to crochet though, I’m making a blanket.

I made a page of pictures to show off, check it out.



alarm (11k image)

Don’t forget to turn your clocks forward- you can check the time here .


bara (10k image)

Well today is Sue’s Birthday- don’t forget to wish her well!(Notice the pictures at the top- these are the birthdays we celebrate this month)


I just wanted to let the family know that while Beth was here visiting this last weekend, we had a little pizza party with the two of us and my friend Patrick. I made Zucchini-roni Pizza and Beth made my Uncle Bo’s Nuevo Mundo Pizza… AND IT WAS AWESOME! If you haven’t tried this pizza, it is listed in the family cookbook and is excellent!

In doing this, we started thinking about different kinds of Pizzas and I had the idea to open a Pizza Shop (not really, but it would be cool), called something like “Around the World Pizza.” We started placing different pizzas with different states/cities. NYC Style pizza, Chicago Deep dish pizza, Buffalo Wing pizza, Wisconsin Three-cheese pizza, Hawiian pizza (ya know, the kind with the ham and pineapple), a gumbo-type pizza for new orleans, a BBQ pizza for the South, Bo’s pizza for someplace spicy/hot (Texas?), etc… Anyone else have any ideas? Even if we don’t have a real pizza shop, it’s still fun to think about. I might use the idea just to design a fun menu to put into my prortfolio. The ideas are endless… Help us out! We may generate some great family recipes out of this.

I have a great grilled pesto/artichoke pizza too, not to mention white garlic pizza, but I didn’t know where any of these would fit in the “World of Pizza.” I had wondered if a rueben pizza would be good? Yum, ruuuueeeebbbbeens….


rasberry (39k image)

Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed. — Mark Twain


The grass isn’t greener- just another shade of green!


I lost my lip gloss. It was a special one from a health food store- I liked it. I lost it, I prayed to St. Andrew,(I think this is the saint you pray to for lost things) I searched my house, my pockets and could not find it. Linda gave me hers and time went on. Yesterday I started my period (I know-too much information)I went into the tampon box and pulled out my lip gloss! Who would have looked there. I must have replaced tampons I didn’t need and had in my pocket from last month. Imagine my surprise!


How do you know when to make a change in your life? I’m contemplating quitting my job and venturing into “private practice”. Oh but it feels good to finally have two incomes where we can fix up the house- get a new car and to go out and say here I am- come to me! How do you know there is a market? How do you know you’ll be good? People tell me there is a market in the Northland. People who I know and suck at therapy are doing it; I know I do a good job so I should feel confident- right? I like the term “therapist” better than “school social worker”. I’d like being my own boss since I’m not getting along with one of mine right now. I’d like the challenge. But…how do you know.

It worried me about health insurance- then tonight I got home to a package of VA benefits and I had forgotten I could get insurance through them- is this a God wink? My friend I teach with is going to retire next year- she is “dumping” some of her ventures, which she is happy to send my way- another God wink?

I’m not as happy doing my job as I use to be- but it is two months off in the summer and holidays, a steady paycheck in hard economic times? Is this just FEAR? Advice welcome.


We all need a good laugh now and then…my hair is short- I like to “punk” it on top. On Monday my hair did what I wanted- I was feeling good! During one of my groups a student asked me “if I was having a bad hair day?” I laughed loudly and told him no it was doing exactly what I wanted it to do which resulted in a OH!(Couldn’t figure out why I would do that on purpose I guess).


Tonight in class we had a Mexican family in- they are illegal- the process to become legal is mind boggling. They have applied- they have done no “underground” tactics (buying SS#’s) they work 12-14 hour days- own their home, own two cars (that they can’t drive legally- no SS#’s) can’t have a checking account but do pay taxes! When their paperwork finally goes through- they pay a $5000.00 fine for being illegal before they become legal. So far it has taken 12 years and things look slow because of 9-11. The women cried in class because she would like to she her parents before they die but can’t go back there because then she can’t get back here.The difference- there they can’t own a home, they are violated by guards, they receive no education so living here in fear of being deported and missing your family is better- she says it is for her children who are US citizens. Crazy system.


I spoke with a few family members this weekend about scrapbooking (my new obsession) and it seems that there is a little interest. So I thought I would post my favorite site: It is set up like a blog where people can upload their layout ideas and make comments. I joined and have really enjoyed using it as a resource for layout ideas. After you enter the site, go to the gallery and that’s where you can start to look at the layouts. Some are out of this world! It’s a great resource to bookmark and utilize.


I hate technology. I’m back from Myrtle Beach and of course I had to download my pictures of the family (Great ones). Don’t you know that my disk reader is telling me that there is a problem with the disk. So I reboot, thinking that maybe that’s what it needed. Well, now it reads file fragments. I hope to God that my pictures are still there. I will check it in my camera when I get home this afternoon. I had probably 70 pictures of the family that were great at the beach, and I’m going to be very upset if my stupid camera corrupted the card. If so, SanDisk (the maker) is going to get a mouthful because I have only had the card for 3 or 4 months.

I’m not a very happy girl right now!!! Please pray…


I feel like a change- I am going to work out a new look and I really want to start a photoblog. We have so many digital cameras I think we could start sharing pictures and poetry and artistic things- check out CandidColors. I have asked Erin to help me come up with a new design (others with suggestions- love to hear or see). With all the uck in the world- lets share the beauty!


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So our children can grow up…
Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.
Albert Einstein