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Never doubted it…so proud…Congratulations!!!

Family News

Family News

Let’s wish Kay a very Happy Birthday!



Linda met with her oncologist today- after an exam and looking at her pathology reports- her ONLY option at this point in the game is surgery to remove the tumor.

GOOD NEWS: Her current biopsy had a depth of .6 mm- he indicated anything under 1 had a good chance of needing only surgery. The cancer and a margin of normal-appearing skin (usually about ½ inch) around it are excised (cut out). It is out patient, she will come home and go back in 2 weeks. The cancer and surround area are sent to pathology- if the edges are cancer free- we are done (pray for this outcome).

If it comes back in those areas she goes to a second surgery where they are more radical and remove more area to include the lymph nodes in the groin. This procedure is called an inguinal lymph node dissection. Usually only lymph nodes on the same side as the cancer are removed. If the cancer is in or near the middle, then both sides may have to be done.

BAD NEWS: Linda’s has crossed the midline so she would have to have both taken out. The result is one week in the hospital followed by radiation.

We went today and had all her pre op tests done and she is scheduled for surgery January 25 at 9:30 AM.

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center again has ranked No. 1 for cancer care by U.S. News & World Report’s annual “Best Hospitals” survey. Since the survey began in 1990, MD Anderson has been named one of the top two cancer hospitals, and it has ranked first 13 times in the last 16 years. We are going to -The Shawnee Mission Cancer Center who is proud to be a certified member of MD Anderson Cancer Network, the only network affiliate in Kansas and in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

Many cancer specialists at the Shawnee Mission Cancer Care are certified by MD Anderson Cancer Network and now can access a wide range of care resources developed by MD Anderson, including disease-specific and evidence-based treatment guidelines, safety practices and professional education.

I think we are in the best place possible, with top notch people so we will take all the prayers you got for now. Thanks.

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Linda has been getting all her physical appointments (dental, mammo,physical) done and out of the way. During one of her exams the doctor did a biopsy on an area that would not heal. She received news yesterday that it came back as cancerous. She will see an oncologist at the end of the month (first available appointment) and we will make a plan at that point. The doctor did tell her she will probably need surgery to remove the area and then have radiation. We will know more after her appointment. We can use all the prayers you got! Thanks.

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The big 3!


On December 27th, members of the Clyde Savannah School Board, District Administrators, Town and Village officials gathered at the Middle/High School to honor the late Mr. Ralph Tavano Sr  by dedicating a classroom in his honor.

Mr. Tavano who passed away in April of this year, and his family was invited to the ceremony which would honor his dedication to the students of Clyde Savannah,

Mr. Tavano was the Industrial/Building Trades program founder and,   until he could no longer do it,  he also was responsible for making the keys for the National Honor Society. The Tavano family have been giving back to the community for years.

There will be another dedication in the spring when a tree will be planted to honor Mr. and Mrs Tavano for all the years they played Santa and Mrs Claus for the children of Clyde-Savannah.

Ralph was born in 1930, the son of the late Dominic and Anna (Chinelli) Tavano. In 1950, he married the love of his life Carolyn DiSanto  . Ralph retired from General Electric, where he was a master tool maker and Chief Tool Inspector. When General Electric moved from the area, Ralph took pleasure in working in his woodshop, making unique gifts for his children and grandchildren, as well as making keys for inductees to the Clyde-Savannah Central School National Honor Society, of which he was inducted as an honorary member. Christmas found Ralph and Carolyn becoming “Santa’s” special helpers visiting the children of the Clyde-Savannah Elementary, Candy Apple Preschool and various Clyde community holiday events. Ralph enjoyed teaching people of all ages, especially young people.

He believed that life skills in the trades were the key to personal success. During his work career, he designed a machine shop at Clyde Central School (named at that time) of which he developed the curriculum and taught the high school students. Throughout the years, many of his former students shared and thanked him for their successes in their careers because of the skills he imparted to them.

“Ralph worked with out students to teach them hands on approaches to life. This is very in line with our School’s mission statement:  “To ensure that each student receives a 21st century learning experience that develops mastery of the skills needed to think, work, play, and compete within a global community.” explained School District Superintendent Michael Hayden at the ceremony.

Ralph was an accomplished drummer and enjoyed being part of a jazz quartet which used to play at local restaurants. He especially enjoyed playing with fellow band members at local nursing homes. He took great pride in the home he designed and built, brick by brick and shared with his wife Carolyn for most of their 67 years together.  Ralph also loved to garden. He took great pleasure in designing the landscape surrounding his home and found great satisfaction in keeping it inviting and beautiful.

Ralph was an active community member also. He belonged to St. Joseph the Worker Parish and served as an altar server for decades. He was a past member of St. John’s the Evangelist Holy Name Society and Parish Council. He was a member of the Wayne County Planning Board and the Town of Galen Grievance Board.

Ralph’s family attended the classroom dedication ceremony. They include: his wife Carolyn; and their five children Roxanne (Thomas) Kise, Carleen (David) Uimonen, Ralph (Michelle) Tavano, Joseph (Diane) Tavano, Michael (Lloyd Marks) Tavano.

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-35 with wind chill tonight in Kansas City…we are staying in, covered up…getting worse the next couple days…YUCK!

Family News

Hard to believe he is 22!



Culver’s at Midnight Mass in Myrtle Beach.

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