Out of space…

The reason files have not worked or uploaded is we have maxed out our 65 meg of space. The zip files will be deleted soon so get them if you want them (will free up space). I have inquired about getting more space but will probably raise my yearly fee from 100 to 150- anyone who wants to send donations- please feel free! In the meantime- enjoy the site and the adventures of the new FLAT people (Now up on the flat people page- see sidebar).

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  1. La said:

    The zip files are gone- if you want them let Erin or I know and we will mail them to you. Because I took off the files I closed the links. Sorry for the problems- I did find out that it will cost 148.00 to renew on July 22, 2003 so I’ll get more space then.

    June 20, 2003

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