Our little fairy…

fairy (113k image)
“Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly!”

Our little fairy and her family are back from Myrtle Beach.


  1. Avatar Erin said:

    What a sweetie, and such a good helper! Poppy, you are lucky to get those hugs b/c sometimes she does not like to give them… but when she does, they are the best hugs EVER! Little people have a way of lighting up our lives in such a fantastic way… they make the journey of life worth it!

    April 21, 2008
  2. Avatar hot mama said:

    Boy did we get a lot of hugs from that little one. She is so happy to be back with her toys. She helped Poppy clean up leaves yesterday and he got a hug just about with every step he took. Good to have them all back home, safe! Mom

    April 21, 2008

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