One more thing…

Aunt Sushi had asked me when I was home for Kay’s shower if I was planning on adding some more recipes to our cookbook. I have lots I can give, but I thought I would ask you all to send me ones that you may have found lately that are good. I can type them all the same way I did the others and I’ll give them to everyone.

I guess a cook’s job is never finished… let’s keep on cookin!

Oh, here’s a quote I adapted that I like: “When life throws you a tomato, make tomato sauce!” I think it better suites our family than the lemon one.


  1. Kimmers said:

    GREAT idea La and congrats on the loss this week. Wow six.4 is a wonderful loss. Keep going and send me any tips or the plan!!

    October 30, 2002
  2. La said:

    A weight watchers category might be nice for those of us trying to lose weight- and who hasn’t been on a diet?

    October 29, 2002

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