Once again…


Kris is coming to Kansas City from Indianapolis- they send her to Detroit- to a scheduled flight but don’t schedule any pilots- NEW KIND OF DUMB! So they cancel the flight.Oh yes- tomorrow she get s to fly to Minneapolis then Kansas City because all the direct flights are at night.Who runs this company (some CEO who makes lots of money while screwing the hard working man).

She misses a business meeting and Delta wonders why they suck?

Some winter weather is moving in- if she doesn’t get out tomorrow she will end up going home and our super bowl party will be cancelled. YES DELTA-YOU SUCK!!!

Let’s not fly Delta- maybe we can influence their bottom line.

She is save and sound in my home- tired (didn’t get to hotel until after midnight) and does finally have her bag (it flew out last night somehow). She is resting, cleaning up and eating while I finish work.

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