Oh no not again…

Yes…he is in another cast…he went up for a dunk and fell on his arm. It is NOT broken but the doctor wanted to protect his growth plate (and knows Kam doesn’t slow down) so he is in a cast for 4 weeks. Heal fast Kameron.


  1. Erin said:

    Oh dear… we need to get some spinach in you! Get better buddy!

    July 9, 2010
  2. Beth said:

    Kam, what are we going to do with you! That’s it, put him in a bubble! lol

    July 7, 2010
  3. klds said:

    If I had as many casts as you- I would have that look on my face too. Son- slow down, drink more milk and know I love you!

    July 6, 2010
  4. Kris Dee & Matty said:

    Kam Kam Kam – are we gonna have to put you in a body cast?!

    July 6, 2010

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