Offical Birthday- Happy Birthday Kameron

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Youth comes but once in a lifetime.

Hard to believe Kameron is 8 today. Let’s wish this young lad a great day!


  1. Aunt KIMMY said:

    Dude, you can’t be 8 already… no way!!!! ~wink~ Hope your day was a GREAT one with cake (yum) and a candle or 8 of them!

    We love you lots!

    December 30, 2003
  2. Erin said:

    Happy Birthday Kam! Hope you have tons of fun and laughter! Miss you!

    December 29, 2003
  3. Kay, Bob, Delaney & The Buff said:

    Happy Birthday – my Sweet Boy!! You are growing so fast!! Hope you have a great birthday and make the most of the time off from school!! Love you!!

    December 28, 2003
  4. La said:

    Have a great day- enjoy EVERYTHING! We love you and send lots of quiet moments your way.

    December 28, 2003

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