Not the peanut butter our mother use to give us…

peanutb (24k image)

A salmonella outbreak that has slowly grown to nearly 300 cases in 39 states since August has been linked to tainted peanut butter. About 20 percent of the 288 infected people have been hospitalized, but none has died. The Food and Drug Administration warned consumers not to eat certain jars of Peter Pan or Great Value peanut butter because of the risk of contamination.The affected jars have a product code on the lid that begins with the number “2111.”

Now you might think that the chances you have these are small- Linda and I had 2 jars with this number- one full, one almost empty. I now have a jar of Jiff!


  1. kris said:

    I had a jar too but it was unopened – I normally simply Jif and this one time I bought the no sugar Peter pan and bingo it had the killer number – Harris Teetr refunded the money though so no harm done – back to simply Jif

    February 20, 2007
  2. Erin said:

    I used to eat the natural stuff because of the sugar amounts in peanut butter… now I get the Smart Balance kind, which is still fairly natural, and I like it. Be careful… looks like peanut butter could kill!

    February 17, 2007

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