Not little anymore…

  • Kameron scored 14 in his last game and 20 the game before- hard to tell he is just a freshman. A lot different than when he was this little guy.
  • Poppy is down with a stomach bug
  • Katie has Mono
  • Everyone is tired of the snow
  • What’s up with you?

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  1. Kris Dee & Matty said:

    Been busy with work as usual ! was in Philly and now headed to Toronto – I am hoping to go see Katie on Friday the 18th to take her out to dinner for her birthday.

    Mattie has a bad case of senioritis so she is in treatment LOL her senior banquets is this week but thank goodness parents werent invited since Mom was out of town.

    Dee is just plugging along in school and still working – she is going to pursue a co-op with a law firm – she is meeting with the CPCC counselor who helps with this at end of the month.

    Buddy is still buddy and we love him!

    February 11, 2011

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