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kelly (70k image) Kick up your heels and dance!

By now I’m sure most have read there e-mail but just in case I’m posting it here (this is the kind of news we need to share).

“I am getting married. That’s right…..I know it’s probably a shock to most
but Karl and I will be getting married on January 1, 2003 at 3pm in my
living room. Uncle Eddie is agreed to come over and do the honors for us.
It will be me and my three kids, Mom and Dad, Karl and his three kids and his
parents and if anyone of you want to join us you are more than welcome to.
We will also have a reception sometime in February as soon as I have time to
book one. Hopefully at Club 86 with just hors’ derves (spelling) and cocktails.

And on the 1st it’s just the ceremony and maybe something afterwards. Not

So that is my exciting news. The kids and I and Karl are very happy. So if
you can join us we would love it and if you can’t I know you’lll be there in


  1. La said:

    Well I did the post but forgot to add- congratulations and how wonderful…can’t wait to meet Karl when I come home (sorry I’ll miss the wedding but I know it will be great).See you soon.

    December 6, 2002
  2. Kim said:

    Congratulations on the happy news and welcome to the family Karl.

    November 29, 2002

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