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backbarn (151k image)

As you can see- there are weeds and the slope goes right into the back and not around the barn so during lots of rain- the barn sometimes floods and the back is showing rust. So…what is a women to do! I say {{popup firstscoop.gif firstscoop 550×367}}scoop it out of there. Since the rocks were very heavy and it need some major dirt removal (two dump truck {{popup dumptruck.gif dumptruck 550×367}}loads), it was best to hire it out. Then they can {{popup smoothout.gif smoothout 550×367}}smooth it out, save the dirt to fill in where the sewers were put in and {{popup fillin.gif fillin 333×500}}settled. Kelsie- where are you- I have some dirt to play in! Then we put in a drain pipe (you can see it over by Linda) and covered it with {{popup filldrain.gif filldrain 550×367}}gravel. Now we just have to add plants (we are going to put in another tree and fill the hill side with tall grasses and then mulch it so we don’t have to mow. We will add another diablo on the side and plant grass in the fall in the back yard.Home ownership- ain’t it fun!


  1. La said:

    It is really dry here now so smoothing out the dirt (or clay) is hard to do and planting now won’t work so our yard is a dirt patch for awhile. Fall we will put in a new tree and plants and new grass seed. We will try to kill the weeds now so when we plant we can seed the whole yard. We might actually make a lawn here after all.

    July 18, 2007
  2. hot mama said:

    Looks like lot of work to me, thank god for big machinery. In the long run it will save a lot of upkeep tho. Looks good. Mom

    July 17, 2007
  3. Erin said:

    Wish I knew about home ownership… maybe sometime this year. It does cost money to do these things, but add so much! WOW! You guys have done lots of projects this summer! You guys always work so hard! Looks great!

    July 15, 2007

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