New York trip 2006 continued…


  1. hot mama said:

    I’m back! Erin, I really like your thought on the laminated cards. We will definitely do that.
    Out again. Nana

    January 14, 2005
  2. hot mama said:

    Great suggestions. However, we will have only the one whole day and there is no way we can work in everything and we also have two very small creatures with us. Also, remember when we think of these things we need to multiply the price by 16! It adds up fast. Poppy has only so much money. As far as transportation I think we are going to get a private bus or limo on Sat. I don’t want people on the subway or cabs. I’m afraid someone will get lost–like ME. Most of the suggestions were what I was thinking and I’m glad the teens are putting in their 2 cents. Good girls. Keep thinking.
    Love Nana

    January 14, 2005
  3. Erin said:

    There is a way to get discounted show tickets. I cannot remember how, but I think you go right before the show starts somewhere adn you can get them for $20 or something… somewhere I heard that.

    I think we should also plan to have a little laminated card with the Hotel, address, and phone numbers on it. If we should ever get lost, we may need that information to get back. We don’t want to jump in a cab and not know where we are going, especially when there could be 10 Marriotts or whatever we stay at. It might be a good idea to put each person’s cell numbers on the back or something too. When Nana gets the info for the hotel booked, I would be happy to volunteer to make these since I have a computer and a laminator.
    Subway and/or NY city maps are also a must for everyone. Maybe I can find these onlne and laminate as well. Subway is by far the cheapest way to travel, so we may want to think about that as well. I’m not sure if you can purchase Metro cards in advance or not.

    January 14, 2005
  4. Kim Farley said:

    NYC is great no matter what we see or do. I would like, as sad as i know it will be, to see Ground Zero. The Empire State Building is wonderful and if the girls have never been to NYC, a trip on the ferry and Ellis Island to see the Statue of Liberty is a must. I love Greenwich Village and SoHo to see art galleries and would love to see the Guggenheim and PLEASE lets do the Met. The Met is a half day excursion in and of itself, but i go every time i do NY. The Egyptian artifacts and art is a must see. The tree at Rock Plaza and angels are a must, as are the windows on Fifth Ave if we are talking a Nov trip. Food in NY is awesome. Tina’s for chinese is wonderful (if they are still there.)The carriage rides are great but rather pricey at 40.00 or more bucks a carriage i think. I would love to visit Keith Hering’s Pop Shop to shop and i think the tiny boutiques and art galleries in SoHo and the Village are really fun. Last trip i went to NYC we stayed in the Gramercy Park area and it was quant and quiet and not too pricey for hotel accomodation. Any show will be wonderful to go to on Braodway, but tickets are generally high unless there is some discount for purchasing as many as we would need. Oh…. Trump Tower is always a fun walk-in and Tiffany’s too!

    ~Breaks into the chant~…
    I LOVE NY!

    January 14, 2005
  5. Sarah said:

    NANA i think if its up to me i would go shopping, shopping, shopping, shopping and even more shopping but another goal of mine is to see the statue of liberty oh and i really want to see the rockettes my friends say them and got to meet them with thier dance class and they said the show war great. i have always wanted to go on a hores and buggy ride through New York oo i think it would be fun!

    January 14, 2005
  6. kris7 girls said:


    1. shopping
    2. more shopping
    3. even more shopping!!!!!
    4. seriously ground zero


    1. ground zero

    Kris (and the girls too)

    1. ground zero
    2. carriage ride
    3. statue of liberty
    4, Empire state building
    5. show – definitely a show
    6. store windows and shopping
    7. playing in central park with laney loo and kelsie

    Hell I think its just cool we are going so we’ll do anything

    January 13, 2005
  7. La said:

    I guess dad has worn off on me because I do like the history places- museums and sites like Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and ground zero.

    For family fun- AMF Chelsea Piers Lanes (bowling) would be fun for all of us- who doesn’t like to laugh! Then there is always ice skating.

    A show is fun and seeing the decorations which I think the zoo might have lights!

    I saw a place called "American Girl Cafe" and since we are all girls- this might be fun- after all I think it has Barbie!

    Then they say- You haven’t tasted pizza until you’ve tried ANGELO’S- coal-oven sensations that use the finest and freshest ingredients (served by the pie). The New York Times says, "the pizzas are excellent." Good food is always fun and kids love pizza.

    And I’m really up for Central Park.

    For the holidays there is Radio City, a Holiday Laser show and as long as we are all together- it is going to ROCK!

    January 13, 2005
  8. Erin said:

    When are we talking? November 2006 right after Thanksgiving?

    From my experiences, these are some of my favorites:

    1. Rockefeller Center to see the tree, angels and ice skaters. Skating would be fun but the skates are really gross because everyone uses them. It could be fun if we brought our own or brought extra socks.

    2. Horse and Buggy rides at Central Park… Central Park also has a carousel, zoo, and skating.

    3. A Broadway or off-Broadway show/musical – I am dying to see Blue Man Group (comedy). Lion King is amazing and would be fun for the kids, and Rent was great too (although a little risque for kids probably).

    4. My mother metioned the Nutcracker… that would be awesome. Or maybe the Rockettes?

    5. Shopping

    6. More Shopping

    7. Seeing the Christmas windows of Macy’s, Saks 5th Avenue, etc. I think the good ones are all very close together.

    8. Seeing the sights… Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty (although I’m not sure you can go in her anymore… but we could visit Ellis Island).

    9. We can try the Today Show… although I will warn you it could take all day (it did for us and we were in the rain. The kids probably couldn’t sit there long).

    10. I like the food in Little Italy. There’s great Chinese Restaurants too, but the one I went to, there was no English spoken. My friend Patty could take us and translate. The place we went was amazing… none of the Americanized stuff we’re used to.

    11. The teens would enjoy shopping in Chinatown, although it smells a bit like fish most of the time. Great cheap souveniers though…

    12. South Street Seaport has some great shopping and is neat to see.

    13. And of course Times Square where the kids would at least want to see where MTV studios is at.

    14. What about the Bronx Zoo… Will it be too cold? The kids would like that… heck, so would I. I read that Wednesdays are pay what you like… so that could be a cheapie. There’s also a zoo at Central Park.

    I’m game for anything… This is so exciting!

    January 13, 2005

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