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Please note we have some new quotes by way of Kay C, new pictures (always nice to see everyone, including the 4 legged type) and would love new pictures or quotes from everyone. I know everyone is busy but with the Holidays coming up lets make sure we don’t lose sight of what’s important and stay in touch. This is really important for folks far away (I feel you pain Erin- it’s hard to be away). This is also a great way to share ideas for Christmas as I know several people are looking for suggestions and just to find out how people are doing (Susie- how is school?)

Side note: went to Farahs wedding- had a good time and it was wonderful to see mom & dad. It was also nice to see relatives. Mary D and Beth have the cutest kiddos- you should see Danielle dance! Uncle Dave is very sick right now & it is not looking good so keep him in your prayers, Jim is recovering from knee surgery, Sam’s wife Tammy is expecting #4 (keep her in your prayers too!), Tim & Jeff also came and gave mom some family photos she so badly wanted (Yea!!!!)& a good time was had by all who were there.

Linda finished her second to last 10 week cycle- they now list her as Magna Cum Laude (you go girl) and she is in her last 10 week cycle. Hard to believe it’s almost over (probably not too soon for her). Unfortunely- her graduation is in February which makes it a little hard to celebrate with others but we will let you know when it is.

So “what’s up” with everyone else?


  1. kim said:

    Kace I LOVE the quote!!! Can i get one too?? (A rider that is!)

    October 25, 2002
  2. kim said:

    Here is a new quote i found and like.

    "It is to me the most exciting moment when you have a blank canvas and a big brush full of wet color and you plunge."
    DH Laurence

    October 25, 2002
  3. Kay said:

    Kimmy, I had to put the vacuum quote on here for you because when I read it, I cracked up!!

    October 24, 2002

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