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There is no clear-cut scientific rationale for the average healthy individual to drink eight glasses of water or more a day.

Myth No. 1:
One is that drinking a lot of water suppresses appetite. There is “no consistent evidence” that water suppresses appetite. “Because you absorb water so quickly and it moves through the GI tract so quickly, it probably doesn’t fill you up the way people have proposed, nor does it lead to the release of hormones which suppress appetite as far as we know,” the researcher said.

Myth No. 2:
The second myth is that filling up on water flushes toxins from the body. “In fact, that is not how the kidney works,” Goldfarb said. “When you drink a lot of water you end up having a larger volume of urine but don’t necessarily increase the excretion of various constituents of the urine.”

Myth No. 3:
The third myth is that it reduces headaches. It does not, according to the evidence.

Myth No. 4:
The fourth myth is that water drinking improves your skin. There are no data to suggest that it actually improves the water content of the skin.

Science… and we believe it!


  1. hot mama said:

    Baloney, I still feel better when I drink water and I think it does a lot for your body. Who do those Scientise think they are! They probably don’t like water. Too bad. Mom

    April 4, 2008
  2. La said:

    Well it may not prove to be all that and then some but it is still better than the alternative of soda.

    April 4, 2008

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