New Project…

To give the front garden a more finished look (and keep the little stones in so I don’t step on them in my bare feet) we are putting in a border. So far it looks great- it is not done but I think will look great when it is. Linda is doing a fantastic job! Once the stone is in we will try to clean up some of the plants that have spread out of place. I am also adding daisy’s because they are Lu’s favorite flower and it will be nice to think of her when I see them.

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  1. The Carroll's said:

    I like.. it looks really nice and more finished. Just make sure you put enough drainage underneath or they will shift like ours did. bob has redone ours 3 times now, hence why were were looking at having it professionally redone this summer. Nice work Linda- want to come to NY and do ours??!!

    May 25, 2011

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