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sunglasses (91k image)
“Delaney, why do you wear sunglasses?” “Because they make me cool!”

Well here is a new page for Delaney. There is one picture missing on the left side cause she has a cool pair of shades coming from California with Katie & Ali. We will take a picture and put it up here.
I am now working on a “series” for Kelsie. It is called…”What’s my name?” I am currently working on “Crazy Hair” but will include Peanuts, Bibble, Fiona Grace and Kelsieroni. This gives me an opportunity to include pictures of those who gave the names. Input is welcome. People jumping into this hobby is welcome. Erin is right- after you do a couple it gets easier, your confidence grows and I find it relaxing and fun. I look forward to playing with the pictures and pages and remembering the story they tell.

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