New counter tops…

BajaMelangekitchen (37k image)

We got our bid on new kitchen counter tops and it fell right into place (solid surface is not much more than laminate). They have a new product called “Wilsonart Gibraltar” and it is very nice. Once measured and ordered it takes 2 days to install, added bonus…all the cupboards will get cleaned out and organized (a spring break project). We are excited. We will also buy a new dishwasher at this time. This makes working every night worth it.

Bad news- I was driving to my doctors appointment Wednesday and all the lights went on in the dashboard. Three hours and $460.00 later- I had a new alternator. At least I had the money to fix it but it hurts to pay for something you don’t want but need.

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  1. Erin said:

    I think they look great and cannot wait to see them finished!

    March 19, 2007

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