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Several years ago, Linda started buying me baskets from the “Rwanda Path to Peace” project (we now have 6 baskets) for my birthday (yes I am spoiled). This is this years purchase. It is called “patience”.

Most people are familiar with Rwanda because of the ongoing genocide that began in 1994.  Within only 100 days, there were more than one million deaths leaving 70% of it’s population female. The country has been in a state of economic distress ever since. In an effort to rebuild and strengthen their communities, the women of Rwanda rekindled the artistic tradition of weaving jewelery, baskets, and other products. Their strength, courage, and rich African history is reflected in the products that are being sold through a partnership with Macy’s.

The Rwanda Path to Peace project was established to create a viable, sustainable export business that provides economic stability and promotes an environment of peace that will positively influence Rwanda’s future for its 8 million citizens. Its basic concept is that women helping each other can change the way Rwanda rebuilds its society, empowering women and sustaining economic development beyond traditional development assistance.

The women receive one-third of the retail price of the baskets — an unprecedented amount of income for individual rural households. The project has the potential to generate millions of dollars for the country, positively affecting the millions of Rwandans who normally live on less than $1 a day.

Thousands of children have become direct beneficiaries of the basket program as basket-derived income provides funding for food, clothing, school uniform and supplies that previously were unattainable. Increased revenue from the expansion of “peace basket” sales will benefit Rwandans through education, HIV/AIDS treatment, medical care, anti-violence programs and housing.

Beautiful art…good cause- what could be better!

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  1. Erin said:

    Very beautiful! I love what they support and I bet they look great in your tranquil home. I have a couple of baskets, but mine are from Arizona and aren’t for this cause… I do love them though! Another great gift! Linda is on a ROLL!!!

    December 1, 2009

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