It has been boring and quiet here…each have stories and pictures to share. (If you don’t know how to resize-just put it up and Erin and I will take care of fixing it).
Darian & Sarah- how about pictures of your cars?
Matty- I want to see your room!
Kris- England!(got them!)
Beth- share your art work here (got one!)
Kim-school projects we hear about
Moms- any pictures of the babies (all nieces and nephews are babies)
Erin- everything you have photographed with the new camera (Got them!)
Anyone can share 2 seconds of information, funny stories, accomplishments (I just found out Sarah works with 12 preschool children- how great is that!)
We will be adding the New York scrapbook and Beth’s calendar to the side bars.(Calendar up, working on scrapbook)
Let’s have fun here…a great New Year’s resolution…stay in touch with family!

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