NC Renessaince Festival

DSCN4059 (102k image)

These are a little late, but it’s better than not posting it at all… We had a lot of fun. It was Beth, my friend Guy, Kris, Mark, Dee, her boyfriend Kevin, Matty, her friend Payton, and me.

{{popup DSCN4060.jpg DSCN4060 338×450}}Kris/Mark
{{popup DSCN4061.jpg DSCN4061 450×338}}Erin/Beth
{{popup DSCN4067.jpg DSCN4067 450×338}}Silly Boys
{{popup DSCN4068.jpg DSCN4068 450×338}}Erin/Beth in Flower Headbands
{{popup DSCN4077.jpg DSCN4077 338×450}}Erin – Feather Head
{{popup DSCN4080.jpg DSCN4080 338×450}}The Traditional Turkey Leg
{{popup DSCN4086.jpg DSCN4086 338×450}}Tree Guy
{{popup DSCN4088.jpg DSCN4088 450×338}}Guy Catching a Whiff
{{popup DSCN4101.jpg DSCN4101 338×450}}Erin/Guy – Flying Trapeez People
{{popup DSCN4090.jpg DSCN4090 338×450}}Kris – Trapeez
{{popup DSCN4097.jpg DSCN4097 338×450}}Ta-daa!
{{popup DSCN4099.jpg DSCN4099 338×450}}Dee – Trapeez
{{popup DSCN4100.jpg DSCN4100 338×450}}Dee – flip
{{popup DSCN4104.jpg DSCN4104 450×338}}Mark – Trapeez
{{popup DSCN4110.jpg DSCN4110 450×338}}Guy – Flip
{{popup DSCN4111.jpg DSCN4111 338×450}}Payton – Trapeez
{{popup DSCN4114.jpg DSCN4114 338×450}}Erin – dork
{{popup DSCN4118.jpg DSCN4118 338×450}}Even bigger dork
{{popup IMG_9774.jpg IMG_9774 450×338}}The end


  1. Kris & girls said:

    We did have fun didn’t we – I love the "boys" picture. I also like Guy catching a wiff – he is a nut!!!

    November 7, 2004
  2. La said:

    I love it when family play together and it looks like you all had a lot of fun- thanks for the photos. I was just telling Kris last night I needed some of her girls.

    November 5, 2004

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