Names for the Fattening Spring Fling!

Mom is having a dinner for spring and they aren’t going to count calories – in other words its fattening as hell and probably truly delectible. None the less she is looking for names or “opening lines” for this little shin-dig. I am going to post a bunch here but she would obviously welcome other ideas:

– It’s Spring so let the Fat Fling
– Let the fat fling and celebrate spring!
– Let the fat fling at our Spring fling!
– Fat is king at our Spring Fling!
– Fat’s all that and spring’s the thing at our little fling!
– Fat’s all that at our Spring Fling!
– Spring’s in sight so let’s eat light (yea right!)
– Its a spring dinner that won’t make you thinner!
– Getting fatter doesn’t matter at our Spring Fling
– Calories don’t count – so let it all hang out (at our Spring Fling!) (this one’s Mark’s contribution)

That’s just a start so any other suggestions would be great.

See ya



  1. Kris (for Mark whose out of town again) said:

    Mark came up with a few more definitely worth mentioning:

    "Heave your butt out to our bash, don’t need tickets don’t need cash. Just come hungry prepared to eat and put more pressure on your feet."

    "Atkins diet not welcome here, come have some food and drink some beer. (or spread some cheer)

    "Flour, lard, meat, and jelly let spring in and fill your belly."

    We compliment each other well that’s all I gotta say!

    March 22, 2004
  2. Kay, Bob, Delaney & The Buff said:

    I thought Mark’s was quite catchy (or should I say "Fetching"- correct British term??) Would love to come up with some myself- but haven’t gotten time to think about it!!

    March 19, 2004
  3. Hot Mama said:


    I about broke a cheek muscle laughing. Those are great. I think I will write the invites using a lot of them, even Mark’s.I can see he may have to leave sales and go into marketing!!! Thanks and hugs and kisses.

    March 19, 2004
  4. Beth said:

    How about… Got Fat?

    March 18, 2004

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