My Trip Home

I went home this past weekend for my friend Vanessa’s wedding. It started off a little rocky because the day I was to leave (Thursday), we had a severe weather evacuation and we had to sit in the bathrooms for 35 minutes because there were three tornadoes in/near my town. I didn’t think I was going to fly out, but when I got to the airport, everything was normal, as scheduled. So I was sitting there waiting for my flight, when they asked for a volunteer. Since I have another few weddings coming up and limited funds, I figured I’d take it. So they routed me through Syracuse and I was able to come in at 9:45 p.m. instead of my original 11:00 p.m. It was the worst turbulence I have ever felt in my life, but I made it safe. David picked me up and we went to get my bags, only they weren’t there (figures! I don’t have luck when I fly). Come to find out, my original flight (where my bags were) was delayed 5-6 hours! So it was good that I took the bump, but I had no clothes. I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal and we got on the road home. The next day we called only to find out that they weren’t planning to drop off my bags until late in the afternoon… not good since I had a rehearsal dinner to be to. So we got in touch with the driver and to drive to Victor (45 minutes) to get my bag. We drove back home, changed, and then went with my mom to look at the Bellhurst Castle for my wedding plans. Then it was off to the rehearsal dinner, which was so much fun. The next day, we went to look at Emerson Park with my mom for the wedding (which was beautiful) and then went to the wedding.

The wedding was beautiful and Vanessa was gorgeous {{popup Picture075.jpg Picture075 400×485}}(Picture075). It was great to be reunited with my college friends, Vanessa and Alyssa {{popup Picture127.jpg Picture127 533×400}}(Picture127). One of the coolest things they did was making a donation to a cancer foundation for each guest {{popup Picture084.jpg Picture084 628×400}}(Picture084)… it really touched me because of her brother John {{popup Picture230.jpg Picture230 400×515}}(Picture230). He has been doing better, but because of his medications, his face was puffy. He got very sick the night before the wedding and Vanessa stayed up with him the entire night, putting cold compacks on him and trying to get him to feel better. But all in all, the night was great and my whole family had a blast {{popup Picture131.jpg Picture131 400×458}}(Picture131).

On Sunday we went to the Renaissance Festival {{popup Picture303.jpg Picture303 533×400}}(Picture303). Beth and I got our flower headbands {{popup Picture302.jpg Picture302 533×400}}Picture302 to dress the part. We brought David’s mom, Noemi, and she had a blast with the festivities and trying on a jester hat {{popup Picture323.jpg Picture323 400×533}}(Picture323). We sampled our usual turkey leg {{popup Picture244.jpg Picture244 285×500}}(Picture244), along with many other delicious treats. We had a lot of fun!

On the way home, we stopped so I could see Kelsie {{popup Picture334.jpg Picture334 471×400}}(Picture334). She was so cute and showed me how she can yell! Then it was off home to see the fireworks with my parents {{popup Picture353.jpg Picture353 533×400}}(Picture353).

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  1. beth said:

    it was great to have you home again E, even though we didn’t get to spend that much time together. Start thinking about when you want your sister to come and see you!

    August 17, 2004

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