my apartment

Hello all. Packing like a mad women here… just thought I’d post pictures of my apartment finally, now that I’m moving out. Sorry yall never saw it, it was my home.


  1. Kay, Bob, Delaney and Buffett said:

    Nice Crib. It did look great. Too bad you couldn’t find someone to share it with. As for Erin- you love to do everything. You sure do keep busy. Wish you were here to spend time with Delaney. She is at a fun age and she would love having you to hang out with and to cook and do crafts with!!

    June 2, 2003
  2. Erin said:

    Beth, your apartment was sooo cute. It’s too bad that you couldn’t find another roommate. I would’ve hated leaving because you and mom did a great job. I wish she lived close enough to me to do all that. Instead, I only got her for one week and she only did a little. I guess the decortingly challenged will just have to learn (me).

    La… make some artwork. Go to the craft store and get big pieces of watercolor paper and paint some funky designs. Do not worry about anything but having fun with it. Then you get them matted and framed and they look professional! You’d be surprised the things you end up with. See the leaf prints in Beth’s dignette? I made those and it was rather simple! Maybe I can play around with some stuff for you. I love making artwork. What color schemes are you looking for??? Let me know if you want me to play around…

    June 2, 2003
  3. La said:

    Wow- this is beautiful-my first apartment had lots of hand me downs and mismatched things (all of course was fine because it was on my own.)Is the decorating your touch, your moms or both? I love the color palate and most of the art work- I have 4 pictures up in my whole house!I need some help!

    June 1, 2003

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