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Hi Everyone!

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday and New Year has subsided, we were able to sit down this weekend and enjoy one of the DVDs that we received for Christmas. If you do not have Sea Biscuit I recommend that you rent or preferably buy it! It is such a great movie, and leaves you with a smile and wonderful message. This is a movie I wish we had gone to see at the theater. On a star rating of 1 to five stars, I give it a 5 stars and a thumbs up!

On a different note…
Sue? Where’s Kelsie? You hogging her all to yourself?? Hurry up would ya! ~gringringrin~


  1. Erin said:

    Haven’t seen it yet, but I loved Chicago! I’m just anxious for the next Harry Potter (July)!!!!

    January 6, 2004
  2. La said:

    Saw it- loved it! Linda is quite the movie person so over the holidays we saw a lot of movies:
    Lord of the rings- long
    House of Sand and Fog- great acting but hard to watch- sad
    Something’s gotta give- funniest movie ever- see it
    Cold Mountain- good
    Calendar girls- fluff but funny- I enjoyed it
    Mona Lisas smile- good- little slow
    This doesn’t include the DVD’s- we are both back to work so the movie viewing will slow but it was fun while it lasted.
    By the way- Kameron thinks Kelsie will stay in there till she is 2- ouch!

    January 5, 2004

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