Well we will be putting up more quarts tomorrow…they just keep coming!

We also grew  San Marzano tomatoes. The San Marzano tomato is thought to be the best tomato in the world for making pasta sauce. Grown in the rich volcanic soils near Mt. Vesuvius, they are thicker and sweeter than Roma’s and have a stronger, less acidic flavor. While there is no guarantee that a home grown San Marzano will taste exactly like the ones grown in Italy, we gave it a try.

The full area of where “authentic” San Marzano tomatoes for DOP certification can be grown involves 3 of the 5 provinces of the Campania region. (Province is like a county, and region is like a state). They include Salerno, Naples and a small part of Avellino. The village of San Marzano sits in the fertile valley of Mount Vesuvius (which is between San Marzano and the sea).

I blanched the tomatoes to remove the skin and then “fillet” them to remove the core.

Chop them into small pieces…

Then let them cook down… just like you do sauce. I seasoned with olive oil that is sautéed with garlic, then add whole basil which is later removed.

Once they cook down, I strain out the pulp that did not break down, the seeds and the whole pieces of garlic. Then we freeze for a cold winters day! YUM!!!

This sauce was excellent- didn’t have to add anything but a few spices-YUM!

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