Miracles & Magic…

miracle (15k image)

We are waiting for a miracle. We think that we will recognize it when it happens. The miracle is usually small and simple. She is quiet and patient and shows up with great purpose and intention. The miracle is laced with certain magic, and together, the miracle and her magic changes lives.


  1. La said:

    I NEED a Delaney hug! Just hearing her giggle on the phone…such joy in a little bundle!

    October 5, 2003
  2. Sue said:

    those eye infections are nasty things! Give her a kiss for me. I’ll bet she just loves those eye drops!

    October 2, 2003
  3. Kay, Bob, Delaney & The Buff said:

    Gee- it’s sure is nice to see that everyone sees and knows the same feelings I have everyday. Little Miss came home from school yesterday with an eye infection. It appears to be better today, but we are keeping her home today for some extra rest, she is also fighting a cold. BUT- even sick she remains smiling!! What a love!

    October 2, 2003
  4. Erin said:

    Isn’t she beautiful?! Gosh, makes me want to run home and kiss those little magical cheekies!

    October 2, 2003

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