Meet Binx Bailey!

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This is the newest Bailey Family Member Binx Bailey who is 1 and a half, Cocker Spaniel. He is just the best dog! Boy we got lucky this time around. Shaun (Kate’s boyfriend) new someone that needed to get rid of him. He is completely housebroke, all shots and came with crate and all. He is just the sweetest guy. We have had him three days tomorrow and we are still waiting to hear his voice as he doesn’t bark! He just sits next to you, doesn’t care to go outside except to relieve him self. We just love em to death. He slept with Mom last night and think he is going to be my new BEST FRIEND.

{{popup bb1.gif bb1 550×413}}Another picture
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  1. Sarah Anne said:

    hey… thats my puppy… and i love him to death… he is very shy tho, so i am slowing bring him out of his shell… he even jumped on my for the first time this morning… i think he likes me

    October 1, 2007

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