Mark your calendars…

  • Christmas Concert Tuesday@7 pm- KelsieĀ She did great and is a wonderful public speaker!
  • Basketball Game against North Rose Wolcott- Wednesday- KameronĀ Clyde Savannah won 66-31, Kam scored 16 points. They are currently 4-0.

  • Birthday- Friday-December 14- Delaney

  • Basketball Game against Red Creek- Friday- Kameron
  • Birthday- Saturday-December 15- Lala
  • First Reconciliation, Sunday, December 16- Delaney

  • Gourmet-Sunday,December 16- Nana & Poppy
  • Christmas Play-Sunday, December 16- Kelsie
  • Kansas City Visit- December 13-18- Kris visit Karen YAHOO! (Happy Birthday to me!)

  • Christmas musical- Friday, December 21- Delaney
  • CHRISTMAS-December 25

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  1. Erin said:

    WOW! Lots going on! Always busy in December! I’m coming home soon so get ready folks (don’t know what day yet… procrastinating because of the horrendous drive alone)! The Christmas spirit bit me in the ASS this year! I’ve got two years of Bah-humbug to make up for!

    December 12, 2012

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