Makes you thankful…

Tonight in class we had a Mexican family in- they are illegal- the process to become legal is mind boggling. They have applied- they have done no “underground” tactics (buying SS#’s) they work 12-14 hour days- own their home, own two cars (that they can’t drive legally- no SS#’s) can’t have a checking account but do pay taxes! When their paperwork finally goes through- they pay a $5000.00 fine for being illegal before they become legal. So far it has taken 12 years and things look slow because of 9-11. The women cried in class because she would like to she her parents before they die but can’t go back there because then she can’t get back here.The difference- there they can’t own a home, they are violated by guards, they receive no education so living here in fear of being deported and missing your family is better- she says it is for her children who are US citizens. Crazy system.

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